ICPP 2023

International Conference on Parallel Processing


Torsten Hoefler

hoefler dinfk

Scalable and Efficient AI: From Supercomputers to Smartphones

Abstract: Billion-parameter artificial intelligence models have proven to show exceptional performance in a large variety of tasks ranging from natural language processing, computer vision, and image generation to mathematical reasoning and algorithm generation. Those models usually require large parallel computing systems, often called "AI Supercomputers", to be trained initially. We will outline several techniques ranging from data ingestion, parallelization, to accelerator optimization that improve the efficiency of such training systems. Yet, training large models is only a small fraction of practical artificial intelligence computations. Efficient inference is even more challenging - models with hundreds-of-billions of parameters are expensive to use. We continue by discussing model compression and optimization techniques such as fine-grained sparsity as well as quantization to reduce model size and significantly improve efficiency during inference. These techniques may eventually enable inference with powerful models on hand-held devices.

Bio: Torsten Hoefler is a Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, a member of Academia Europaea, and a Fellow of the ACM and IEEE. His research interests revolve around the central topic of "Performance-centric System Design" and include scalable networks, parallel programming techniques, and performance modeling. Torsten won best paper awards at the ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference SC10, SC13, SC14, SC19, SC22, EuroMPI'13, HPDC'15, HPDC'16, IPDPS'15, and other conferences. He published numerous peer-reviewed scientific conference and journal articles and authored chapters of the MPI-2.2 and MPI-3.0 standards. He received the IEEE CS Sidney Fernbach Award, the ACM Gordon Bell Prize, the ISC Jack Dongarra award, the Latsis prize of ETH Zurich, as well as both ERC starting and consolidator grants. Additional information about Torsten can be found on his homepage at htor.inf.ethz.ch.